~~~20 Realistic Micro-Habits To Live Better Every Day

#1. Lie on your back and hang your head and shoulders off the bed for up to two minutes.

#2. Turn off autoplay and leave the control and your phone next to the TV.

#3. Add on the cost to your health for any convenience buys.

#4. Do extra squats whenever you go to the bathroom.

#5. Balance on one leg when brushing your teeth in the morning and the other leg in the evening.

#6. Make sure your butt goes to the back of anywhere you sit.

#7. Use mobile websites, not apps.

#8. Follow the 20–20–20 rule.

#9. Put your phone on airplane mode in another room before going to sleep.

#10. Unfollow accounts that stress you out.

#11. Always eat before you go shopping.

#12. Take a break after your meal before going for dessert.

#13. Drink water before you eat.

#14. Leave a glass of water by your bed when you sleep.

#15. No sugar in tea or coffee.

#16. Wear sunscreen whenever in the sun for long periods.

#17. Take vitamin D spray in the winter.

#18. No screens while eating.

#19. Every time you go shopping buy a fruit or vegetable you haven’t tried before.

#20. Whenever you want to doom scroll, do a minute of deep breathing first.



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